We are committed to customer service excellence and operational safety, offering our customers high quality fuels, AdBlue, lubricants and on-site fuel management solutions. Servicing a wide range of industries, we offer bulk fuel and on-site refuelling across GIppsland saving businesses time and money. With our fleet of tankers and lube trucks we can offer fast on-site delivery and pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with our customers across a diverse range of industries. Our level of service is not a charge-by-the-hour rate, it is our promise and passion to support Gippsland businesses to flourish and continue to improve our local economy.

Evans Petroleum’s partnership with BP and Castrol has given local farmers and commercial operators access to premium quality fuels and lubricants that were previously hard to access.


Access to industry experts and professional consultants


100% Committed to Service Excellence & Quality Products


Gippsland Owned and operated since 1970

Evans are authorised distributors of BP and Castrol Fuels & Lubricants