As the main BP & Castrol Distributor for Gippsland, we stock a wide selection of internationally recognised lubricants and specialist products to meet all your vehicle and equipment needs. With Castrol’s reputation for quality and our commitment to bring the best deals to Gippsland, you can be assured your machinery will be protected at the most competitive prices.

We take out the hassle of maintaining your own lubricant supplies, by combining your bulk fuel deliveries with your lubricant requirements directly to your site, saving you time and money, whilst ensuring optimum performance of your equipment.


Engine Oils

High level of engine production under severe operating conditions.

Transmission & Gear Oils

Designed to extend the performance of automotive, farm and heavy duty vehicles.

Hydraulic Fluid

Superior anti wear and oxidant performance.


Wide range of greases for enhanced load carrying and long bearing life.


Prevent overheating or freezing by using our coolant

Detergents & Degreasers

Keep your engines, vehicles, equipment and hands clean.

Product Types & Specifications

Castrol & BP provide an interactive database on their website that allows you to determine exactly which type of oil or lubricant you require, along with all the specifications from their large range of products.

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