We understand the needs of each business differ and it is our promise to find the right fuel solution for your vehicles and equipment to increase productivity and ensure a smooth operation.

Evans Petroleum features three locally based bulk fuel depots in Leongatha, Sale and Traralgon, supported by a large fleet of delivery vehicles to meet all of your bulk fuel needs. Our delivery fleet is operated by our experienced transport staff and distribution team who have extensive regional knowledge and understanding. Our tailored bulk fuel delivery service is designed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring the safe and reliable supply of high quality fuels and lubricants.

Client Reviews

We’ve been using Evans Petroleum as our bulk supplier for over 10 years now.

We’ve got 2 bulk cartage trucks and 3 delivery trucks and a 60,000 litre tank here, so Evans delivers all our diesel and servicing lubricants directly to our depot every month.

John Schelling from Evans always gets us a good deal, and gives us a heads up when good prices are coming up. We’ve got nothing but praise for the way he does business for us.

Tom Williams, Tony Williams Garden Supplies

When I started in 2010, we had a 9000L diesel tank in the middle of the yard. As we grew over a period of time, we had our truckies having to line up would take 30 minutes to fill up.

John Schelling from Evans called in every few months and had some ideas for us, suggesting a variety of tanks which would streamline and simplify the business for us.

They helped us installed a 38,000 litre tank which saves a lot of time for us. We then got an AdBlue tank installed, and John and the Evans team have been in solid contact with us the whole time, through training and advice.

The ongoing support we’ve had since switching our fuel supply over to Evans in 2010 has been great and we’ve never looked back.

Keran Doepel, Kennedy Haulage

Evans Petroleum ensure that our diesel fuel needs are met with their excellent delivery service to our facility at Newmerella and in more recent times have been providing our lubricant and Ad-Blue requirements as well with their quality products.

We are entering a partnership with Evans Petroleum to retail diesel fuel from our depot from a stand alone fuel tank which accepts BP and credit cards through its terminal. This is an exciting and cost effective alternative for local buyers and passing traffic in the Orbost area.

Richard Pelz, R Pelz Haulage

We have relied on Evans Petroleum for our fuel and lubricant needs for the past 15 to 20 years. Being local they have the bulk fuel delivery service we need backed with the service station coverage over Gippsland to keep our fleet fueled up at all times. We were even lucky enough to win a 200 litre STM plastic fuel tank at the field days from the Evans team just by ordering some grease cartridges and lawn mower oil. This will assist us greatly in taking fuel to our Meerliue property. A win for all concerned.

NJ & SK Geary, Boorool Transport

Evans Petroleum has a large range of retail sites throughout South Gippsland that suits my working territory which allows me to access fuel when I need it. They also sell great coffee and fast food for a quick bite on the run or a filling lunch. Evans also have a terrific accounts system that allows easy reconciliation for fuel management purposes.

Steve Martin, Steve Martin Plumbing

Evans Petroleum have been with us from whoa to go assisting with supplies of quality lubricants, the provision of equipment to aid the dispensing of these products and the ability to access products at short notice either delivered or picked up from their depot in Hughes Street, Leongatha. In essence they are a partner in our business ensuring we have right lubricant application for all the vehicles we service. Evans Petroleum also assists us with the supply of fuels for our vehicles through their two strategic service stations in Leongatha and Wonthaggi.

Glen Markley, South Gippsland Cars and Offroad

We’ve been together with Evans that long I honestly can’t remember how our relationship started, but I’m pretty sure it would’ve been related to servicing at the time.

We started off using Mobil lubricants, before adding Castrol, and depending on our needs will order 20 litre and 205 litre drums from the local depot.

John Schelling’s been more than helpful all these years, we’ve dealt with him personally pretty much all that time. They’ve always been reliable and given me the service and information I need.

Their personal approach is just such a valuable asset to the region. They are involved in everything, delivering across a pretty large footprint in Gippsland now.

We have 18 trucks in our fleet, including 4 tippers at our depots, so our diesel and AdBlue requirements are pretty extensive.

Kevin Arnup, Arnies Workshop

We’ve been using Evans Petroleum to supply all of our Castrol lubricant needs. We have a great relationship with the guys in head office at Leongatha – they deliver directly to us from there. And we’ve buying all our fuel through the BP station right door ever since Evans started things up there a bit more than a decade ago, which has been very handy for us.

Ken Graeme, Ken Graeme Motors

We have dealt with Evans Petroleum for many years for our fuel needs and like ourselves is a local company. Evans deliver diesel for our fleet of trucks to our fuel tank at our stock feed depot and provide fuel for our smaller vehicles through their network of service stations throughout the Gippsland region. We need a constant supply of fuel to move our products and Evans provide that reliability.

Cameron and Christian , Brown’s Stockfeeds

Evans Petroleum deliver the bulk fuel deliveries to our site and ensure that we maintain our BP branding through the Shop program as well as delivering the Castrol lubricants that we sell. Evans also maintain the fuel pumps and assist with signage support.

Lee and Neville Sands, Johnsonville Garage

Evans Petroleum has the task of keeping our fuel tanks topped up which they do on their regular route runs. They also provide extra servicing of our diesel tank during the peak times of harvest when our usage is far greater than during the rest of the year. This is extremely important to us as down time costs money and time, and we need to be able to keep machinery operating as during harvest the window of opportunity is small with the fickle weather in South Gippsland.

Andrew and Bec Verboon

If we don’t have fuel we don’t move its that simple! Evans keep our trucks going 7 days a week and provide an all over service whether it be delivering in bulk or having our vehicles pick up at one of their sites. They offer the reliability and service to our business that is critical to our operations efficiency and coupled with a competitive price and good service station localities gives us the complete package for our fuel needs.

Stephen Stoitse, Stoitse Transport

We require a constant supply of fuels to our site which Evans Petroleums fleet of b-double assemblies look after in superb fashion. The changing face of sales that exists with our site sometimes requires stock in a hurry and the courteous staff are always willing to assist wherever needed. Evans also provide the link to BP Australia that is very important to our business.

Brendan and Jackie, Traralgon East Service Station

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